My Writing

I write what crosses my mind, typically by hand. Then I type what demands my attention. Here’s what’s online (note that the vast majority of these are on other websites). Please do not judge my ability to edit by what you find here; it is nearly impossible to properly edit one’s own work, and since publishing I have found mistakes in multiple that I am unable to correct at this time.

Original & Historical Fiction
The Art Museum (Original)
Elsie (An Original Fairy Tale)
Enfield Report (American History)
Lady Judith (Biblical Fiction)
Living for Old Stoney (Original)
Journey to A New Life (Medieval History)
Passing the Gate (Nazi-Occupied Austria)
Pontius Cominus’ Extraordinary Day (Roman History)
The Beanstalk (A New Fairy Tale)
The Letter (Original)
The Sneeze (Original)
Three American Poets (American History…ish)

Eowyn, White Lady of Rohan (Lord of the Rings)
A Chance For Faramir (A LotR poem)
Jack & Me (Doctor Who)
All In A Day’s Work (Harry Potter)
All In Another Day’s Work (Harry Potter)
A Slytherin Situation (Harry Potter; 5 chapters)
Luna’s Dilemma (Harry Potter)
A London Christmas (Chronicles of Narnia; 4 chapters)

Live Free or Dragons (Contributor/Anthology)
Whitstead Christmastide: A Speculative Anthology (Contributor/Anthology)