Dana Bell

Sarah read my manuscript and answered the questions I had about it. She also pointed out a few missing points in the plot that I hadn’t seen, which helped me fill them in. I appreciated her comments in my MS about unclear sentences and even some things she liked. Commas I tend to forget and she showed me where they were needed. I appreciated her help.

Justin Newland

Sarah reviewed a beta version of a light fantasy novel entitled The Abdication. She made many constructive comments both proof reading – spelling, grammar and formatting – and copy editing. Her comments allowed me to improve the pace and clarity of the novel, tie up loose plot ends, and fill out my characters.  She worked quickly, and her comments were fair, meticulous and clearly expressed. I really enjoyed working with her and would do so again without hesitation. Once again, thank you, Sarah.

D.A. Randall

Sarah gave me extremely helpful feedback and recommendations. In addition to catching all of my typos, she pointed out factual errors that I never would have caught, in details involving history, faith, and even animal care. Her insight and corrections led me to make big changes to improve my story and save me from making costly mistakes.

Eric Tamburino

I love telling stories but I am not particularly good with spelling and grammar. Sarah has helped edit both of my self-published books, Where Man And Monster Meet and Icarus Falls. Sarah is both punctual and professional. I never found myself waiting on her to get back to me and I think she’s a pleasure to work with! When my next manuscript is ready it will be passing through her hands for editing.

Killarney Traynor

Ms. Levesque is fast, efficient, and competent. Her feedback is always smart and useful, but perhaps the best part of working with her is the encouragement she gives. Your manuscript always returns with a mixture of corrections, suggestions, and high-fives. Very highly recommended!

Ian Wilson

Sarah Levesque has been a constant source of constructive criticism since 2018. She has carefully applied her skills as a proofreader and editor to make my work sing. She is honest and forthright, and an efficient, hard worker. She is the only editor I use.

One thought on “Reviews

  1. Sarah so kindly beta read my novel Empire of Blood, and her feedback was amazing! She picked up on little details I’d missed, and she went the extra mile and caught typos/grammatical errors. She even did a bit of research-digging to help me figure out a particular detail for the main character! Her critiques were fantastic, and I’m so thankful for her work, and for delivering feedback in a timely manner.


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