About Sarah

I am an editor, a writer, the Foundress and Editor-in-Chief of LogoSophia Magazine, and a contributor to Fellowship & Fairydust Publications. I love the English language and its oddities. I unofficially started editing when I was about 12 years old, but started doing it more officially in 2014, working my way up the magazine chain from a copy editor to Assistant Editor to Editor in Chief.

About My Work

I am a line editor, copy editor and proof reader. This means I take a good look at your paragraphs, sentences, phrases and words. I am not a developmental editor (someone who focuses on plot), though I can recommend some and I might make a couple comments on your plot. If you have not already enlisted the services of a developmental editor, I suggest doing that first (then come back). My style is straightforward and rather blunt; I’m not one to beat around the bush.

I will not work on stories with graphic sex or copious amounts of swearing, but I’m open to just about anything else!

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Want to learn more? Contact me at sarah.a.levesque (at) gmail.com.

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